Important: Refinance your current loan to avoid a balloon payment prior to maturity date.  - Read more.


FHA 223(f) vs. Fannie Mae Agency ExecutionPDF-ICON

Compare the agency execution loan terms between a HUD 223(f) and a Fannie Mae DUS standard loan with this easy to read infographic. 

221(d)(4) FAQPDF-ICON

The complexity of HUD 221(d)(4) loan can be overwhelming, but is it is essential to understand what items need to be in place before and after you begin. This FAQ infographic can help provide some key guidance when going through this loan process.

223(f) Multifamily BenefitsPDF-ICON

The HUD FHA 223(f) for multifamily properties has many advantages. Learn in this infographic how it can greatly benefit your project.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loan NeedsPDF-ICON

When trying to apply for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, there are a number of items you need beforehand. Learn in the 7 steps you need to get started.

221(d)(4) Loan ProcessPDF-ICON

The 221(d)(4) loan application and approval process can be lengthy, but you can save time with this infographic. Here, you will learn the 8 steps to begin your project.

FHA 232 Eligible PropertiesPDF-ICON

It can be easy to miss a step when trying to find out which properties qualify for the HUD FHA 232 loan. This infographic can help you stay on target during your planning process.

223(a)(7) FAQPDF-ICON

Many questions arise when potential borrowers are trying to obtain the HUD 223a7 loan. The following FAQ infographic can help keep your project moving efficiently.

Standard Loan AmountsPDF-ICON

For FHA section 232 (f) Healthcare Transactions, it is crucial to understand the standard loan amounts involved. This infographic provides a simple explanation concerning refinancing and acquisition.

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