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Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services from LSG Lending Advisors

LSG Lending Advisors’ sole focus is helping its clients navigate the complex laws, rules, and paperwork necessary to secure new construction, purchase, or refinance multifamily, healthcare, affordable housing, and student housing properties. We work 24/7 to make the process from application to closing as easy and transparent as possible while you enjoy the best terms and rates.


Meet Our Principal: Andrew LaSalla II

It’s this relentless focus on the client that makes LSG Lending Advisors Principal Andrew LaSalla II one of the most trusted financial consultants in the residential and commercial lending business.


Because of LSG Lending Advisors’ reputation for being transparent, efficient, and reliable, many FHA HUD Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) approved lenders, as well as many managing directors who specialize in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs, have excellent working relationships with Andy and his team of loan advisors.
With a combined 22 years in residential and commercial lending, Andy specializes in analyzing, underwriting, and originating all HUD, FHA, and MAP loan product types. Whether clients are looking for multifamily, healthcare facilities, affordable or student housing funds, Andy helps you determine the lowest rates with the best terms for each individual project, including:
In addition to his expertise with HUD, FHA, and MAP loan product types, Andy can structure financing for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-approved lenders who offer most of their programs.

FAQ With Andrew

What can I expect during a phone consultation with LSG Lending?

We will discuss your current or potential project that you are looking to get financed. We will discuss the project that needs financing. We will discuss the timing of the different loan programs. For new construction projects, we will discuss the investors experience with similar projects that have been completed in size and scope. We will discuss various loan programs that fit the criteria that works best for you. I will follow up with an email requesting documentation needed to review the project.

How long can I expect a decision to be made after LSG Lending and its Lending partners review the documentation?

I will follow up with a call to discuss the information provided and get clarification on any information that may be needed. I will submit the documentation with a loan summary to an FHA/HUD and Agency approved lender for review. I will work with the lender on all communication of additional information needed for a term sheet to be issued. I will provide a term sheet or let the client know that the project does not meet the criteria and the reasoning in a timely manner. I will work with the lenders underwriting team to provide all necessary documentation. After exhausting all avenues, I will inform you in a timely manner that we are unable to obtain financing and provide a possible alternative solution or strategy.

What are the next steps after a term sheet is issued by the lender that discloses the approximate, rate, term, loan amount and equity contribution needed (if applicable)?

I will set up a conference call with the lender, client, and myself to discuss the term sheet and timing of the project. If the client is happy with the terms and conditions of the term sheet, the lender will issue a formal engagement letter to the Sponsors.

What happens after the Engagement is issued by the Lender?

I will coordinate a conference call with the Lender’s underwriting team to answer any questions the Sponsors may have.

How long will LSG Lending be involved in the process?

LSG Lending will work as a consultant to answer any lending questions that you may have throughout the entire process until the transaction is closed

Do I have to pay LSG Lending a consultant fee or any fees upfront or at the beginning of the process?

No, LSG Lending does not receive compensation until the transaction is closed. LSG Lending will receive a fee that is disclosed in the Lenders Engagement Letter, and may also receive additional compensation from the Lender once the transaction is completed.

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LSG Lending Advisors has the experience to size your transaction and provide a detailed proposal of terms and costs for you to make an informed decision. Contact us today for a free consultation about your project.

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