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Frequently Asked Questions

Multifamily and Healthcare Financing FAQs

It's common to have questions when considering lending programs for multifamily and healthcare projects. If you are curious about eligible properties, loan rates, maximum loan terms, maximum loan size, third party reporting and more, LSG Lending Advisors can help clarify your options. The below frequently asked questions are designed specifically to help you through your lending program search and answer any questions you may have about multifamily and healthcare financing. Click on a category below to see all related questions and answers for each program.


HUD FHA 223(f) Transactions

HUD FHA 221(d)(4) New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation Transactions

HUD FHA 223a7 Transactions

HUD FHA 232/223(f) Transactions

HUD FHA 232 Transactions

Fannie Mae FAQs

Fannie Mae Adjustable Rate Mortgage 7-6

Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Preservation

Fannie Mae Cooperative Properties

Fannie Mae Fixed-Rate Mortgage Loans

Fannie Mae Funded Forward Rate Lock Commitment for 9% LIHTC Properties

Fannie Mae Green Rewards

Fannie Mae Hybrid Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Fannie Mae Seniors Housing Financing

Fannie Mae Streamlined Rate Lock

Fannie Mae Structured Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Fannie Mae Student Housing Financing

Fannie Mae Unfunded Forward Commitment for 4% LIHTC Properties

Fannie Mae Unfunded Forward Commitment for 9% LIHTC Properties


Freddie Mac FAQs

Freddie Mac Senior Housing

Freddie Mac Student Housing

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