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Fannie Mae Streamlined Rate Lock

If you are interested in Fannie Mae Streamlined Rate Lock financing, it's important to understand your options. Below you will find frequently asked questions concerning Fannie Mae Streamlined Rate Lock financing to help you with your lending decision. See below to find out about the benefits and eligible properties. 

Fannie Mae Streamlined Rate Lock Questions

Questions & Answers

What are the benefits?

  • For rate locks with Fannie Mae’s trading desk and many other MBS investors, the breakage fee for failure to originate the loan is limited to the Good Faith Deposit
  • Expanded delivery tolerance allows greater flexibility for rate locks

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What property types are eligible?

  • Existing, multifamily properties including Conventional, Coops, Green Rewards, Green Building Certification Loans, Hybrid ARM Loans, Manufactured Housing Communities, Multifamily Affordable Housing, Seniors Housing, Small Loans, Structured Transactions, Student Housing and Dedicated Student Housing properties. Some may be subject to pre-review.

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