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Features to Include for New Construction or Rehabilitation of Senior Care Facilities


There is an increasing demand for senior care facilities as the generation of baby boomers gets older. Because of this, many developers and investors who currently own multifamily apartments are looking to move into the senior care sector. Read on to discover the top features residents are looking for when choosing a senior care facility and make sure to incorporate these features in your new construction or rehabilitation plan.

Private Rooms for Senior Care Facilities

Owners of senior care facilities are focusing on making the residents feel at home by providing additional personal space. No matter if it is through rehabilitation improvements or in the design for a new facility, private rooms are at the top of the wish list. In addition, senior care facilities are moving away from properties that feel institutionalized, and are shifting away from bathrooms and shower facilities that are shared between residents. Many senior care facilities are working towards creating a resort or vacation type setting. They offer community pools, improved dining, and community television viewing areas with inviting décor and photography placed on the walls. Again, the trend is to move away from the institutional hospital setting.

Older facilities with shared rooms have a negative effect on some individuals who value their privacy and like to keep to themselves. While isolation is not preferred with residents, there are certain times that we all would like to have a little time by ourselves. Residents that share rooms with a privacy curtain can become stressed as their personal items are condensed in a very small space. Many residents also want their conversations with family members to be confidential and worry about a patient on the other side of the curtain listening to their private matters.

The top senior care facilities are now providing residents with their own private rooms, including living areas and a private bathroom with their own sink, toilet, tub, and shower. When your personal care items are situated in the bathroom as you like, it really does make the atmosphere feel like home. Likewise, a room that feels like a small apartment is also important to family members because when they visit, they too can enjoy the same privacy and focus their attention on their loved one. In addition, having a family room to watch television and a private bathroom that family members can use recreates the feeling of home and makes everyone feel more comfortable. Many residents with private rooms are encouraged to bring cabinets or other furniture from home, along with photo albums and treasured mementos to personalize the space. The transition to a senior care facility is a stressful one, but having the space and privacy a private room affords makes the adjustment to a new living situation easier for residents.

Incorporating Technology for Seniors

Implementing technology has also become very important for senior care facilities as residents like having access to emails, computers, and smartphones to communicate with family and friends. And it’s not just the residents who benefit from Wi-Fi connectivity. The nursing staff, doctors, and visiting family members make use of it as well. The availability of Wi-Fi in a senior care facility allows visitors to create a mobile office and handle work obligations during business hours while visiting their loved ones.

Upgrading a senior care facility with technology has several other positive benefits besides allowing residents to stay connected. Properties are installing motion detectors for improved lighting and safety, equipment for monitoring vital signs, and equipment for medication management, just to name a few. Facilities can also save energy through green improvements and reduced operational costs thanks to these technology upgrades.

Staying up to date with current design trends is not only important, but can also boost occupancy rates, making your property more desirable. If you are interested in purchasing, remodeling, or constructing a new senior care facility, please contact LSG Lending Advisors to discuss funding for your planned project.

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