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Features Renters Are Looking for When Choosing a Rental Community


What Do Renters Look for in a Rental Community?

The standard work environment has drastically changed – even in the last five years, with work-from-home and hybrid work models dominating popular industries such as marketing, tech, and sales. With this new, flexible work format, many people are now demanding additional rental property features that better align with their updated lifestyle, leading to an increase in demand for larger spaces like multifamily apartments that can accommodate an office, a hobby room – even a gym.

Keep reading to learn more about what property features renters really look for in a rental community and how you can find the program that’s right for you with help from your partners at LSG Lending.

Top Five Property Features Renters Look Out For

When it comes to finding the perfect rental unit, you can automatically assume renters are looking for three things: updated appliances, beautiful landscaping, and an in-unit washing machine and dryer.

But, what about the other key property features that renters are looking out for? And how are rental communities accommodating these new, modern needs for the WFH worker bees?

Well, let’s take a look at the top five most popular property features that renters look out for when choosing a rental community.

Fast and Reliable Technology

It’s the 21st century – even if you don’t work from home, having fast and reliable technology, such as high-speed internet is such an important property feature to have in a rental community. Individuals with work-from-home and hybrid work positions are often looking for multifamily or rental communities that offer high-speed internet connectivity and unlimited data usage in order to make sure there is not connectivity issues or outages while conducting meetings with clients and their employers.

Dedicated Work from Home Space

Renters who work from home want a workspace that is quiet and comfortable in order to perform their work tasks efficiently. Multifamily Apartments that offer areas with a nice atmosphere, comfortable office furniture, and semi-private work areas are appealing to potential renters. Quiet workspaces can be in the form of co-working areas with partitions to provide less noise and more privacy.

Co-Working Space Options

Renters that work from inside their apartment unit or in coworking spaces often prefer the option of outdoor spaces that provide a break from their work. Private recreational areas are incredibly appealing to renters that work from home, with an added bonus if they have walking paths or an open area for workers to decompress during a break or lunch hours.

All the Amenities

Onsite amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, basketball courts or other sporting activities are incredibly beneficial as they often save renters valuable money and time, such as having to commute or pay for membership at a club. These amenities help with a community feel between renters and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

A Social Community

Having a rental community with an active social scene is a great way to entice new renters who are looking to meet new people, make new friends, and possibly even network. Community events that are essentially right outside your door are the perfect way to bring people together and give them the social fix that’s often lost during work-from-home jobs.

Get Your Next Rental Property Loan with Help from LSG Lending

Now that you have a better understanding of the best property features for a rental community, you can better plan for your next rental property purchase – and we’ve got the team to help you do that.

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